Depth of Experience


Our team of technologists has in excess of 100 years of combined experience in the design and implementation of Ultra-resilient, Massive Scale, Ultra-low Latency Algorithmic and High Frequency Trading Systems for major financial institutions and investment banks. Headed by Steve Yatko, former Credit Suisse Managing Director, CTO of the Investment Bank, and Global Head of Credit Suisse R&D, Principals of Oktay were responsible for the design, build, and deployment of the application and infrastructure for Credit Suisseā€™s global trading platform. Additionally, Oktay is responsible for the continued redesign and re-platforming of Global Algorithmic and High Frequency Trading Systems for a number of the largest global investment banks. Today, our team continues to be one of the foremost industry experts in the identification, vetting, testing, and development of cutting-edge emergent technology companies.

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